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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chemical Solutions, Solutions For Chemicals

Hank Solutions ( provides a "SDS online" product to produce safety data sheets and labels, compliant to the Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) guidelines and regulations.  This web-based software makes GHS compliance easy to do and affordable.

Hank Solutions was formed by two entrepreneurs from Fluorochem (

Fluorochem has been supplying intermediates for research and development to Pharmaceutical companies, Universities, Biotechnology companies and Contract Research Organizations for over 40 years. With a product portfolio of nearly 45,000 items, Fluorochem required a solution to produce GHS compliant labels on-demand. 

According to Lee Jones, one of the founders of Hank Solutions, Fluorochem started printing GHS compliant labels using 4 color, thermal transfer printers from Toshiba Tec.  According to Lee, “we had several printers, each with a different die-cut label size.  To switch to a different printer, we installed a manual switch to select the printer with the correct label.  Even with this setup, the thermal transfer printers produced very poor labels as the print quality was awful.  After spending 12 months looking to replace the thermal transfer printers, I found the TM-C3400.  This printer is a perfect accompaniment to the software, allowing a total print-on-demand solution.”  


I met Lee and Darren Mitchinson, cofounder of Hank Solutions at the recent American Chemical Society meeting in San Diego (  

 Exhibiting at the tradeshow, Lee found the event successful.  “We received many solid leads who need to print GHS compliant labels” according to Lee.  “In our booth, we met chemical manufacturers, chemical distributors and University laboratory operators.  During our discussions with the universities, we found they need a means to label their waste solvent streams.  With our web-based system, a university lab would make 1 product including all the substances, enter a batch number and quantity, and then produce a label.  It’s easy to do” states Lee.

Companies like Hank Solutions have a great opportunity helping chemical companies comply to GHS.  Be sure you are taking advantage of this opportunity by providing solutions for chemicals to your customers.

Guy Mikel

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