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Color Label Solutions

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Setting Off Alarms With Labels

Aqualarm ( is a manufacturer and distributor that has been supplying alarms and monitoring products to the boating industry for the past 40 years.  Selling on-line and through their channel of worldwide dealers, Aqualarm offers more choices in alarms and security solutions than any other boating-oriented company.

Recently, Aqualarm decided to replace the inserts they use with their products with clamshell packaging with labels.  According to John West, Owner of Aqualarm, “We have been using inserts for years.  Recently, however, our dealers wanted to move to hanging our products on store shelves.  Plus, we found that slapping a label on a clamshell was easier than adding product inserts.”

Continuing, John adds “now we are offering folded cartons with labels as well as the clamshell packaging.  Many of our dealers prefer this type of packaging.  With either type of packaging, color labels were very important, we wanted to create “eye-popping” glossy labels that attract our customer’s attention.  We want glossy labels as they seem to add to the overall image of our products.”

To meet his color label requirements, John purchased a TM-C3500 from the Color Label Solutions store:   Plus he purchased Spare-in-the-Air (SITA) warranty, additional ink and 3”/4” continuous gloss paper labels from us. 

Normally, we provide an on-line session to our customers to help them install and configure the printer to insure they start printing labels quickly.  John decided to tackle this work by himself.  Although it took more time, John felt he learned more about the printer.  If you have a TM-C3500, be sure to contact us if you ever need support.  Or check out our Does-Don’ts for Printing with the TM-C3500:

 After working with the TM-C3500, John’s initial impression is positive.  “I’m very happy with the TM-C3500; especially like the cutting feature.  The built-in cutter and continuous labels allows us to produce several different label sizes. Also, the easy access of the ink cartridges is nice feature”, says John.

As John has found, the built-in cutter enables you to create labels in variable lengths.  With many different products (148 listed on the Aqualarm website), you can minimize your label inventory by using continuous media.  You can find our gloss paper labels here: .

I appreciate exerts like John who been selling marine parts for more than 40 years.  And companies like Aqualarm; who are the leading or preferred supplier in their niche.  Aqualarm is a great example of how manufacturing companies  can save money, improve their processes and strengthen their brand by moving to print on-demand color labels.

If you have a company similar to Aqualarm, contact us and we’ll help you too.

Guy Mikel

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