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Sunday, April 13, 2014

TM-C3500 Training-Initial Configuration

The TM-C3500 is an affordable, durable label printer; perfect for several different label applications.  To setup and configure this printer, however, is not so straight forward.  Don’t expect to turn on the printer and start printing labels.  You need to plan on spending some time to setup and configure the printer the first time you use it.

To begin using a TM-C3500, I recommend you start by either:

1.   Purchasing a printer from Color Label Solutions.  We provide configuration support and training webinar for free when you purchase a TM-C3500.  We’ll make sure you get started printing labels quickly and easily.
2.   Plan on using the TM-C3500 Install Navi Utility to help you set up and configure this printer.

In this post, I will make a few suggestions to help you start printing using the TM-C3500.

After unboxing a new printer, start by loading the ink:

and maintenance kit into the printer. 

Then, insert the labels wrapped in Kraft paper that come inside the printer box.  To insert the labels, raise the blue lever on the left side of the roll, open the self-centering roll holder, then lock the roll in place by closing the blue lever.

Then grab the leading edge of the labels and pull it out until you can close the front door of the printer.  FYI: I recommend adding the labels at this point.  The Navi suggests you add the labels later.

Now you can connect the printer either via USB or Ethernet.  Wait to turn on the printer. 
Now you can install the driver.  Go to  and select Tech Resources on the left side.  On this page, select the ColorWorks C3500 printer in the printer section:

Once you select the C3500, you’ll get to the support page.  From here download, save, decompress and run the C3500 Install NAVI Utility:

I especially recommend the NAVI Utility when installing printers on the network.  With this utility, you can easily set the IP address of the printer.

After running the Install Navi, you’ll be asked to agree to the license agreement.  After selecting “I agree”, the Navi will install and open.  After opening the Navi will ask if you want to install the printer using either the Ethernet or USP.

Once connected, you can turn on the printer.  Expect the printer to run 7 to 8 minutes as it fills the lines with ink.  DO NOT INTERUPT the printer as it is filling the ink lines.
With the printer turned “on”, the Navi searches for the printer.  With USB connections, the Navi should find the printer easily.  When installing on the network, the Navi discovers the printer automatically:

And then you can set the IP address:

If the Navi does not discover the printer, you can proceed in one of two ways; change temporarily the address of the computer to the same subnet as the printer, or connect via USB to set the IP address.

After setting the IP address, the Navi then proceeds to configure the media layout.  It’s important to set up your label size prior to printing.  Be sure to select roll or fanfold; die-cut, blackmark or continuous media type; and then set/name the size of label you require:

And then select the remaining media configuration settings.  If you want higher quality printing, be sure to select the “Quality” setting.

Once you configure the printer, you’ll need to restart the printer.  Turn the printer off, then on to save the printer settings.  Then, the Navi steps you through the process to add the paper, ink and maintenance kit (which I recommend you do at an earlier point in the process).  If you have other media that you plan to use, insert these labels now into the printer.

You have now configured the printer.  At this point, be sure to double check your default printer settings (Devices & Printers, right click on the TM-C3500, select Printer Properties, select the Advance tab, select printer defaults on lower left side).

On this page, be sure to select “Advanced” under Print Quality and then select “Banding Reduction”.  This setting helps improves print quality by reducing gaps/overlaps in the print.

Also, go to the Driver Utilities tab, select Driver Preferences and make sure “Epson Status Monitor” is selected.

Now you should be ready to complete your first test print.  I recommend you print first a PDF using Adobe Reader.  Be sure to check the properties on the print dialog box (comfirming your printer defaults are selected) and select the “Fit” and “Auto Portrait/Landscape” settings to insure your print fits within the desired label size.

After confirm your PDF printed correctly, you are good to start printing using the TM-C3500.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Color Label Solutions.  We’ll be happy to help you start printing with the TM-C3500 color label printer.

Guy Mikel


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  3. Can I use tm-c3500 with glossy waterproof label's to print ejuice labels or its only for Matt labels

  4. Can I use tm-c3500 with glossy waterproof label's to print ejuice labels or its only for Matt labels

    1. We sell a very durable matte poly; withstands all of the compounds in e-juice. And we can get gloss poly that is waterproof, but not so alcohol or other chemical resistant.

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  6. Hi there. I have the Epson tmc3500. After plenty frustration I cannot get rid of white lines across the labels any advice please. Kind regards Brad.

    1. It's called banding. Contact

  7. I'm an enthusiast on InkJet Printers and always used to read tutorials and reviews frequently. Recently I read through your blog and then picked up some interest for learning dj printers.

    I can understand about the ability of TM-C3500 Epson Printer in printing on Matte and Glossy Print media. Good to know that Epson Label Printer has its own NAVI Utility software for print purpose. I would like to know about the performance of the TM-C3500 Epson Printer in a long run. Please brief me about this in your upcoming blogs.

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