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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fastener Your Seat Belts; Opportunities Abound

Mudge Fastners ( been family owned and operated since 1975.  They understand that every order, no matter what the size, to that customer, is the most important order they process.  With both local and global businesses as customers, Mudge Fastener’s growth has been fueled by a commitment to customer service, on-time delivery, competitive pricing and quality products.

Working with a partner, Mudge Fasteners developed a new line of corrosion-resistant fasteners called Dura-Con (  With the new products, Mudge has been able to open up new distribution such as Menards:  This new product looks like a great opportunity for Mudge Fasteners.

As these new fasteners perform better and cost less than stainless steel, Mudge Fasteners needed to design and produce labels for Dura-Con.

“With a lot of SKU’s, we wanted to avoid a large number of preprinted labels”, says Paul Mudge, President of Mudge Fasteners.  “I contacted Fred Braun at BCS Label ( to see what options we would have.  After our conversation, Fred suggested we look at printing labels on-demand using the Epson TM-C3400.”

Some of you may have read my earlier stories involving Fred and his customers at BCS Label.  Fred sold the TM-C3400 to FX Luminaire:

Before visiting Mudge Fasteners, I decided to recreate the Duracon label removing the grey background color.  With 100% coverage of ink, labels produced on-demand cost more and are more likely to show the artifacts of the print.  I don’t recommend print on-demand labels and the TM-C3400 to produce labels with 100% coverage.


At our first meeting, I printed both the initial and recreated product labels.  “With our red boxes, I think the white labels look better”, said Paul. 


After reviewing all of the SKU’s, Paul and Fred decided to reduce the sizes down to 3 different die-cut labels.  Managing 3 different blank white label sizes would be much easier than managing a large inventory of preprinted labels.

Meeting Mudge Fasteners reinforces my belief in the changes happening in the label business; thousands of companies exist that have a large number of products with labels requiring images, logos and color text. These companies would be better served by moving to print on-demand color labels.

If you or your customers have or need labels with images, logo’s, and text for a large number of products, consider moving to print on-demand color labels.  You’ll save time, reduce costs and improve your work processes.

Guy Mikel


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