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Color Label Solutions

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Very Cold, So Cold

One of the largest providers of antibodies in the world had 3 problems. 

As they add approximately 600 to 800 new produces every month, they could not use preprinted labels.  The inventory of labels would grow significantly if they had to purchase the minimum quantity for every single SKU.

Also, this antibody company had to comply to the Global Harmonized System of labeling (GHS) initiative: 

You may remember, I wrote about Octochem- and Oakwood This new initiative requires this antibody company and chemical companies in general to print color icons, hazards and warnings to insure consistent communication internationally.  Currently, North American companies are moving to make all international shipments comply to these standards.  In the future, all shipments of chemicals may need to comply to these standards.

In addition to the GHS requirements, this company required labels that would withstand very cold temperatures; from -20F to -80F.  According to the Engineer involved with the project, “we are launching a new line of Cryogenic products packaged in canisters.  Finding labels for the TM-C3400 to meet this requirement was difficult for us initially.”

After an introduction from Rick O’Brien of Bar Code Direct, learned of this company’s media requirement.  With such cold temperatures, I knew immediately this company needed a very durable label with freezer grade adhesive.   Therefore, I contacted Aaron Heller of General Data who has available a poly label with a freezer grade adhesive, M-633.  With a service temperature spec of -40F, Aaron felt this label should meet most of their requirements.

After receiving a sample from General Data, the company completed tests on the M-633 label material.  According to the Engineer, “the labels worked very well withstanding temperatures down to -80F.  We have already ordered some labels from General Data to begin our initial production.  With the correct labels, we are pretty impressed with the printer, including the setup and print quality.”


From the experience of this antibody and other companies using print-on-demand color labels, media selection is a big part of the solution.  If you have specific media requirements, contact me to help connect you with the provider of media to meet your or your customer’s requirements.

And if you have customers adding SKU’s frequently, be sure to discuss print on-demand color labels.

Guy Mikel

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