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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Deja Vu

Have you ever had a deja vu experience?  This week I remember something concerning the GP-C831 printer; but only a portion.  The problem was, I forgot the most important part of the memory.  Let me explain.

For those of you who don’t know, the GP-C831 has quickly become the standard for printing GHS drum labels.  With extremely durable (BS5609) ink and available label media (, the most cost effective ink prices (, and the lowest cost (, the C831 is the best choice for producing GHS labels wider than 4.25”. 

You might find this recent post covering one company’s experience starting to use the C831 of interest:  Or the first post covering this printer on our blog just before launch:  

This memory started when a customer purchased one of our labels for the GP-C831 printer; an 8.3125” x 5.75”.  Two A5 labels per fold.  

GP-C831 Labels

After purchasing the labels, the customer asked me about configuring the printer.  You may remember from my recent post about the new GP-C831 driver (, you need to set the size of the label using the width of the actual label by the length perforation to perforation.

The problem is the GP-C831 driver shows only the length up to two decimal places.

GP-C831 Driver Settings

However, I “remember” that Epson had changed the driver to enable up to 3 decimal places.  What compounded my issue configuring the driver was the plant said the 2 labels were 11.625”, making the each label 5.8125; requiring 4 decimal places.  Suddenly, I had no idea how to configure the driver.

So I had to call first the plant.  Then I learned the perf to perf measurement was really 11.75” and not 11.625”; making each label 5.875”.  Second, I had to call Epson, who reminded me that the driver now allows for settings up to 3 decimal places only at 1/8” of an inch.

If the paper height is .12 to .13, the driver will use .125; and so on for all of the paper heights above.  As the driver does not enable 3 decimal places for every setting, Epson could not make the overall change showing the 3 decimals.  With the capability to set 1/8th inches, now you can use labels that are 5.875” tall perforation to perforation:

GP-C831 8.3125" x 5.875"

This 1/8” is critical to prevent label “creep”.  With only a minor incorrect setting, the label print will begin printing incorrectly; and not at the top of form.  If your image seems to move off of center after printing a few labels with the GP-C831, you probably have the incorrect page size set in the driver.

As soon as I was told about the settings for 1/8th, I “remembered” the details of the change from some time ago.  It was deja vu all over again.  Then, I could support our customers using this specific label size.

If you want to use labels for the GP-C831 that are approximately 8” x 5.75”or one of our other standard sizes, visit our store or contact us.  We’ll be glad to help you get the labels you need; and the support you deserve; again and again. Kinda like déjà vu!

Guy Mikel

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