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Monday, November 18, 2013

3500 Fanfold

Marco Specialties, Inc. ( was founded in 1985 with one mission: provide pinball machine owners one source for Everything Pinball.

Online since 1999, Marco has since grown to offer over 30,000 individual parts for thousands of games to customers around the world. With thousands of rare parts, large inventories of common parts, next-day fulfillment, and unmatched customer service, Marco continues to raise the bar for the pinball industry. Customers return to Marco again and again thanks to the industry’s largest database of pinball parts carefully matched to individual games.

Having used the TM-C3400 for some time (see my earlier post on Marco Specialties:, they decided to purchase a TM-C3500 when they need an additional printer.  In addition, Marco Specialties wanted to switch suppliers of labels. Knowing their requirements, I recommended they begin purchasing fanfold labels.


Fanfold labels are continuous-form paper folded like a fan so that it will stack readily.  Many of the very large users of the TM-C3400 and TM-3500 purchase fanfold labels as they require changing less frequently (see FX Luminare) or they use an unwinder; both stories are featured in this post:

According to Paul Mandeltort, Vice President, Engineering and Business Development, “a fanfold stack is nice as they don’t “flop” around everywhere when printing a large string of labels.  As well, fanfold labels tend to fold themselves after printing.”

Paul also stated, “Another key benefit of fanfold labels is the reduction of waste.  With roll labels, we’re wasting an average of approximately 10 labels when changing rolls.  Now, the gap sensor finds the top of form after two.”

When first loading the fanfold, die-cut labels in the TM-C3500, Marco Specialties had issues; the settings did not support “die cut” labels.  To run fanfold, die-cut labels in the TM-C3500, you need to follow these steps: 

1. Insert the plastic piece located on the rear feed cover into the bottom front door of the printer.

2. Go to Maintenance and utilities tab in the Epson driver and select “Printer Utilities”.

3. Under “option” (the last item on the list at the left), select “Enable Large Diameter Roll….”.

4. Under Media (first under the General section on the left-hand list) select “die-cut label”.

5. Apply Settings and close out Printer Utilities.

6. Turn off the printer, and then turn it back on.

7. On the General Tab in the Epson driver, make sure you have set up a media size using “die-cut” label.

In addition to the positive feedback on the fanfold labels, Paul had great feedback on the TM-C3500.  Paul stated, “Print quality is heads and tails above the TM-C3400.  Print speed of the TM-C3500 is at least 2x the TM-C3400. Our warehouse guys love the TM-C3500.  Ink usage is a LOT better than the TM-C3400 as well.  Before we were changing cartridges every 2-3 days; now we’re getting 1 to 2 weeks out of our cartridges.”

The TM-C3500 with fanfold labels is a great way to print a lot of labels, with minimum ink and media changes.  Contact me if you need to print color labels on-demand.

Guy Mikel


  1. Labels Printing is an identity of your business, it makes an impact of your business to your customer

  2. Hello!

    How can I find the supply name for the fanfold paper[105*304.8 mm]?
    Many thanks in advance


    1. Catalina,
      we have 4" (101.6 mm) continuous that you can use the cutter to cut to your desired length. Or we can make labels to your requirements. 855-962-7670 or

    2. Thank you very much for your response, we'll keep that in mind. We really want the fan-fold format, as you said to keep the waste low and mainly because we print the badges right at the the event.