Color Label Solutions

Color Label Solutions

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stop Shipping Errors With Color

PI Components (PIC) ( diaphragm seals for pressure instruments.  It is a part of Rosemount, which in turn is a business unit of Emerson Process management. Emerson is a diversified global manufacturing and technology company and has more than 140,000 employees and approximately 265 manufacturing locations worldwide.

In their shipping department, PIC needed a new process to eliminate shipping errors.  With similar looking products going to one of 8 different facilities, it was possible for operators to mistakenly ship the product to the wrong location.  After considering their options, PIC decided color labels would be the easiest and most effective means to eliminate potential shipping errors.

“Initially, we were told to use preprinted, color labels with our existing thermal transfer printers” says Miquel Lopez, Manufacturing Engineer from PIC.  “However, we did not want to continuously change labels in the printers as well as add another potential error point in our shipping process.”  Given the reluctance to use preprinted, color labels, Miquel started looking for on-demand color labels and found the Epson TM-C3400 ColorWorks printer.

After reviewing the Epson website on the TM-C3400 printer (, Miquel contacted Epson and I provided him a printer to evaluate.  With this printer, Miquel integrated the printer with their financial and shipping systems to add color on each label depending on the ship to location. 

Overall, it took about 2 months for PIC to complete the integration and testing of the solution to use color for each of their shipping locations.



Since installing the new solution, PIC has not had a single shipping error.  “PIC considers the deployment of the TM-C3400 as a total success” says Miquel.  “Plus, the operators are very happy with the deployment; now, they don’t have to think about where the shipment is going.  All they do is print the shipping label and know instantly where to place the product.”

Help your customers stop shipping errors, saving them time and money, with on-demand color labels.  Contact me if I can support you with your customers and prospects for this process.  

Guy Mikel

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