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Color Label Solutions

Friday, March 9, 2018

NS Multi Print Quality

This week, we reinstalled our NS Multi Demo printer after showing it for the first time at WestPack in February.

NS Multi Corrugated Printer Setup
NS Multi Corrugated Printer Setup With Grant Lapke

You can read about our experience at WestPack here:

It was a great experience for us to set up this printer again.  Most importantly, the experience reconfirmed the outstanding print quality that the NS Multi delivers.  Watch us print inkjet coated boxes here:

According to Grant Lapke, lead on the NS Multi for Color Label Solutions, "the black in this artwork printed outstanding compared to other options.  For me, black is always the most difficult color. The NS Multi Print is really durable, great for printing many different short run boxes."

Just as important for me, we saw outstanding print quality from bright white, non-inkjet coated boxes.  Look at the print quality of this box:

NS Multi Print Quality
NS Multi Print Quality

Look at the individual feathers in the parrot.  And the ink cost was less than $0.10.

And we test printed a “Panel” on white, non-inkjet coated, corrugated sheets.  Look at the print quality of this print output:

NS Multi Print Quality
NS Multi Print Quality

This one approximately 18” x 14” panel cost approximately $0.025 to print.  Only $0.10 for 4 panels on a box.  Our ink cost is great!!

Our next steps are to set up our corrugated, inkjet coating process and install our box die cutting operation.  We hope to have these operations running shortly; so we can begin producing unique blank boxes for you.

If we can print samples for you, please contact us.  We’d love to show you how great the NS Multi prints.

Guy Mikel

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