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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Introducing-The NS Multi

February 6th, 2018 will be a big day for Color Label Solutions; as we launch a new line of printers.  Not for labels; rather we’ll launch a printer for boxes.

Introducing the NS Multi
Introducing the NS Multi

At WestPack, 2018,  in booth #5542, we’ll launch the New Solutions Multi (NS Multi) box printer.  With this printer, you’ll be able to print any paper-based package up to ½” thick and 43” wide.

To prepare for our launch, I spoke with Stewart Bell, Vice President of Sales for New Solution, about the NS Multi.  When asked, was is the most important aspect, Stewart said, “The NS Multi is enabling technology.  The printer allows companies to print short-run, on-demand packaging easily and affordably on pre-cut cartons, corrugated sheets, or folded carton stock.  The NS Multi prints on paper-based packaging that will adsorb the ink.”

Stewart continues, “The NS Multi is perfect for any company with a large number of SKU’s that wants to print (from 1 to 300) pieces at a time.  Or companies that want to add variable data to their cartons, making each unique.  Probably most importantly, box manufacturers can now print short-runs of boxes for their customers quickly without worrying about plates or press time.” 

NS Multi Key Benefits
NS Multi Key Benefits
From my perspective, I see 4 key benefits from using the NS Multi.  First, you can eliminate the inventory of preprinted boxes. Now you can print the boxes you need, when you need them.  You will not be required to purchase a large run of preprinted boxes.

Second, you can change box artwork at any time; personalizing every box if desired.  It’s enables companies to “Brand On-Demand” quickly adapting their product messaging based on their target customers and/or distribution.

Third, you can eliminate the cost of labels and label application by printing directly onto your packaging.  Large labels can get expensive.  Label application by hand may lead to placement issues and takes a lot of labor. Label applicators cost a lot of money and can be a difficult process to implement.  By printing directly onto your package, you can replace many labels in your operation.

Fourth, the New Solution Company offers inkjet coating to apply to paper-based packaging.  This coating enables the NS Multi to produce beautiful, finished goods packaging by holding the ink within the coating giving it a durable high quality finish.  We'll be showing this at WestPack.

Watch the NS Multi print boxes here:

Need custom printed sheets as a part of your packaging?  Check out what these guys are doing:

Or look how great these packages look.  Beautiful using the inkjet coating.

Or read about when I first learned about the NS Multi at Label Expo Europe: 

As how the NS Multi compares to other box printers, Stewart says, “The NS Multi is competitively priced both for hardware and ink.  Along with the availability of the coating and a professional RIP, we offer a total solution that will empower companies to produce high quality packaging at the point of demand.”

As for ink cost, this large image costs about $0.12 for the ink.  Label and ink costs for an image this large would be much higher.

Beautiful Multi Print Output
Beautiful Multi Print Output
Come and see the NS Multi at WestPack February 6 to 8.  To get a free pass to this tradeshow, use this link: 

Let us know if you are coming to this show.  I look forward to showing you the new NS Multi and our other printers at the WestPack trade show.

Guy Mikel


  1. Love it. When you come out with a smaller version for small food bags or boxes, I would buy it. Stores don't accept much larger than 6x9 for cookies, dry goods or coffee bags so a smaller printer would be amazing for start up entrepreneurs.