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Color Label Solutions

Sunday, December 15, 2013


After spending Sunday preparing Christmas Cards,


Having a color label printer allows you to create and apply original content on cards, envelopes and packages.  Let me explain what I did for my cards; and how I personally use a color label printer for business.

For my cards, I wanted to insert a person message, reinforcing my business.  Positioning yourself and your business is very important especially in this time when everyone is bombarded with so much information.  I want everyone to see Color Label Solutions (www.colorlabelsolutions.comas the premier provider of print on-demand color label solutions.

Using BarTender ( Seagull Scientific, I created a holiday message with images and color text:

After creating, I printed the message on a 2” continuous label and inserted inside my Christmas cards along with a hand-written person message.  If you have seen my handwriting, you understand why it is important for me to use a printer as much as possible.

After inserting the printed message along with my handwritten note inside the card, I printed a 4” x 2” address label on a continuous matte paper label that includes the Color Label Solutions logo:

Not only serving its function, the address label promotes the business as well.  Plus printing labels with a color label printer is much easier than using a desktop printer to print one label on a page full of Avery sheet-fed labels. How many do you waste?

Also, I use the address labels for all the print samples I send.  You may have received a package with this style of printed label:

Again, a color label printer makes creating impactful labels, that everyone will read, Easy To Do.

Next time you send a letter, card or package, think about how a color label would positively impact your business; and save you time!

Guy Mikel

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