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Color Label Solutions

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Really Low Hanging Fruit!

ABA Moriah Corporation ( been selling and servicing printers since 1984. With sales offices in Virginia, Texas and California service nationwide ABA Moriah is positioned to service the largest corporations and Federal agencies. This company sells and service line printers, continuous form laser printers, desktop, mobile bar code printers, RFID printers, ID Card Systems, printer supplies, and software.

At a recent party, I spoke with David Carrillo, Vice President of Sales for ABA Moriah about this work; and about my blog.  During this conversation, he mentioned to me that he had a customer looking for a replacement for a L1524 continuous form laser printer.

According to Dave, “The customer was facing an end of life situation.  The OEM had advised the customer that they would not be renewing the service agreement, due to lack of spare parts and supplies. As he has to switch, he is looking for a replacement that would allow him to continue using his existing paper card stock and plug into the existing application.  Plus he would like to have a means to add color as they use lots of secondary labels in their application.”


After our conversation, Dave sent me an example file to print using Internet Explorer.  After setting up the correct page size in IE, the page printed perfectly.  In addition, I copied content into another application that enabled me to add color circles.  These colors printed perfectly also.

According to Andy Scherz, Product Manager for Epson, “Since 2008, these continuous form printers are no longer available; and now, supplies are not available.  The printers were sold under a large number of brand names by several different companies; Printronix L1024 and L1524; Microplex Solid F24 and 24E; ATC 8024; Boss 2400; OTC Print Center 24; CF 1000; PSI PP2024; and the ARCetiq.  In addition, users will save a significant amount of money as the L1524 printer costs approximately 260% more per page assuming 4% coverage.”

With the GP-C831, you should be able to replace these out-of-date printers; saving significant money on consumables, adding color, using your existing paper media and plugging into your existing application (if they print from a Windows application).  It’s an “easy-to-use” option for those companies looking for an alternative to these continuous form printers.”

Based on the print samples I produced, Dave sold two GP-C831 printers to his customer, Charles River Laboratories (  According to Jon Garrett, Senior IT Analysis, the GP-C831 is "Working like a dream.  Hopefully we will have our color designed and implemented into our software system within the month so we can get rid of the stickers.  The lab RA’s waste as much as 30 or more minutes applying the colored stickers to the printed labels."

If you or your customers are using one of these continuous form laser printers, switch to the GP-C831 before you run out of other options.  It’s really low hanging fruit!

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