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Color Label Solutions

Monday, April 29, 2013

1 Prospect, 5 Reasons = Great Target

Weber Packaging Solutions, Inc. (www.webermarking.comis an innovator in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-performance labels and labeling products. They provide the latest in systems, software, and media; then back them with a nationwide network of service, and technical support.

Since the founding in 1932, Weber Packaging Solutions has grown into an international labeling leader. From the world headquarters and manufacturing facility in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and other plants worldwide, they provide products and solutions to over 50,000 companies. 


Recently, Carson Blackwell, Account Manager for Weber Packaging, (Twitter: @labelsales, Linked In:, About Me: and I visited a chemical manufacturing prospect who was interested in changing the way they print labels.  It was great to attend this sales call with Carson as he obviously had a great relationship with this company.

Based on this call, I wanted to share with you the characteristics that make these companies great targets for print on-demand color labels. 

First, this company uses a color laser printer already to produce labels.  According to the Vice President of the prospect, color labels provide a positive brand and company image, especially when compared to black only labels.  But color doesn’t mean it must cost a lot.

If you or your customers use color laser printers to produce labels, you’ll save significantly money by switching to inkjet label printers.  You may remember my post detailing the cost difference between color laser and inkjet label printers:

Or my work with FX Luminaire:  In both of these posts, you’ll see that inkjet printers save about 70+% versus color laser printers.  This specific prospect pays over $1,500 to fill the printer once with the 4 color laser toner cartridges, versus only $106 for 4 ink cartridges in the GP-C831.

In addition to the cost savings, the inkjet printers have a much more durable media handling, causing less problems.  With this laser printer, the chemical company has issues with paper jams and static electricity buildup.  It is not uncommon for sheet fed printers with drums, rollers, etc. to have problems with labels.  Just look at the wasted labels.


Also, the company discussed issues with applying the sheet-fed, “loose” labels outside in the wind.  The labels can “fly” away easily.

According to Carson, “It would obvious that the GP-C831 would be a better fit for this company.  With the fanfold, pin-fed media, this company would have a much easier time handling and applying labels, post print.  They just need to see the printer running in their facilities using their application.”  Again, manufacturers using color lasers printers in production are excellent targets.

Second, this company is a chemical manufacturer.  As such, they will need to comply to the Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals or “GHS” for short.  With this initiative, companies like this chemical manufacturer will need to add color pictograms and icons to their labels.  You may have seen my post summarizing this initiative.

Although knowing about GHS, this company had not as yet finalized their plans to comply.  But the prospect agrees; they must comply sometime before 2015.  Overall, chemical manufacturers are excellent targets for on-demand color labels. 

Third, this company is an OEM manufacturer.  As an OEM, they may be required to purchase or produce labels with logo’s, etc. in color for their customers.  In addition, minimum label purchase quantities may require large inventories of pre-print labels; increasing the probability of obsolete inventory and waste costs.  You may find these other posts on OEM manufacturers of interest:

Manufacturers of OEM products are great targets for on-demand color labels.

Fourth, the prospect produces over 1,200 separate products.  With so many SKU’s, it’s impractical for them to purchase, inventory and print with variable data, preprinted label inventory.  When companies like this prospect try to use preprinted labels, they increase their label costs.  Take a look at these earlier posts on companies moving from preprint to print on-demand color labels.

Lots of SKU’s make you or your customers good targets for print on-demand color labels.

Fifth, this company produces labels from one of the most common Microsoft Windows application:  Word.  Integrated with their ERP, variable data is sent to a Word template to produce the label.  Although currently using Word, they plan to move to a Crystal Reports-based label printing application shortly.  Printing labels from common applications insures the Windows driver for the color label printer based solutions are easy to install, configure and run. 

If you or your customers have any one of these 5 traits, you could be a great prospect for print on-demand color labels.  Contact me to discuss the trait that makes you a good target.

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