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Color Label Solutions

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Color King

Fred Braun, sales representative with BCS Label, has probably sold more on-demand color printers, ink and labels than anyone I know.


If you don’t know, BCS Label (, a division of BCS Solutions ( is a value-added reseller whose strength is in the depth of experience of their sales staff; which average over 50 years of industry experience with companies such as Intermec Corporation, Norand Corporation and United Bar Code Industries. BCS Label provides consumables such as ribbons and labels to meet their customer’s printing needs. The goal of BCS is to be one-stop shopping for all of their customer's needs.

From my success stories, you can read about Fred’s work at FX Luminaire:

In addition to these companies, he has sold print on-demand color label printers to several other companies.

I first met Fred when I first started working in this business; from an introduction by Mark Bunnell of ScanSource:  According to Fred, “At first, ScanSource told me that no Epson person was available to make calls.  Soon after, however, I got a call from Guy.  We arranged to go visit my customer Hunter, who just had purchase FX Luminaire.  Hunter wanted to find a better way to produce their color labels.  Together, we build a great solution for FX Luminaire.  Since this first success, we've worked together to sell lots of printers, ink and labels.”


For this post, I asked Fred, “Why are you selling print on-demand color labels?”  According to Fred, “I see real opportunity in this relatively new business.  First, it seems lots of smaller companies with large number of products need print on-demand color labels.  These types of companies don’t want to purchase large minimum order quantities of preprinted labels.  Instead, they would prefer to produce only what they need when they need it.  Large buyers of specific labels are not the best targets.”

As a follow up, I asked, “where do you get the leads?”  Fred says, “I get leads for thermal transfer printers and preprinted labels all the time.  Whenever a customer asks about preprinted labels and thermal transfer printers, I try to switch them by asking if they would prefer printing labels only when and where needed.  Most of these end users do not understand the technology is available.  Although I sell thermal printers & ribbons, I prefer to sell the printers and ink cartridges if it’s better for the customer.”

Finally, I asked Fred, “What is your goal for next year?”  Fred says, “In 2013, I would like to make the color a much larger part of my sales.  I get great support from Dave Marin, Owner of BCS, and Guy, which makes the selling of this product much easier.

If you sell barcode printers, ribbons and ink, maybe you should try to become the “Color King” too.  You, your company and your customers (and me) will be glad you did!

Guy Mikel

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