Color Label Solutions

Color Label Solutions

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

POD Color Appointment Cards

SZV Social & Health Insurances ( responsible for implementing social and health insurance for the country St. Maarten.  Their vision is to strive for a sustainable quality system of social and health insurance for St. Maarten.  SZV is an excellent service provider in the field of implementation of social and health insurance.

SZV has three important pillars: “Customer Care”, “Quality Care” and “Sustainable Care” and serves all of their stakeholders: the executive council, the health sector, employers’ organization (s), trade unions and residents.  SZV aims for a sustainable and high quality system of social and health insurance, from both a ‘cost-consciousness’ and a ‘development perspective’.  SZV wants to be a guiding and defining institution for the country St. Maarten and its citizens. “SZV, Because We Care” is not an empty phrase but a real ambition.

As part of their customer care process, SZV decided to design and implement a customer management system that included print on-demand color appointment cards. 


Philip Evans, the developer who architected the solution, designed the software to set an appointment and issue an appointment card when a customer approaches the customer care center desk.  Services include:

·         Doctor visits
·         Foreign medical referrals
·         Renewal of Sequrocard
·         And other services provided by SZV

Philip designed the system to generate the following events:

·         Issue an appointment at the next available time slot
·         Post next ticket number on the LCD Monitors in the customer waiting area
·         Announce the next ticket number using the audio unit
·         Or transfer the ticket number to a different office if required

If needed, the appointments established by the system are transferred to the Outlook calendars of the SZV employees to insure good communication.    Once the appointments are set, the application prints an appointment card with the following information:


·         Date of the appointment.
·         Time of the appointment.
·         Number of the front office desk.
·         Additional (and changeable) text information for the customer.
For this application, SZV used a photograde, inkjet receptive, 8 mil, tag stock from General Data.


Print on-demand appointment cards with serialized ticket numbers and variable data/graphics would seem to work for many different customer-oriented service providers; healthcare, government, etc.  Talk to your colleagues or customers about how print on-demand appointment cards would work in your operation.

Guy Mikel


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