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Color Label Solutions

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sweet & Tasty Idea

For over 50 years, Rossmoor Pastries (  has been providing tempting cakes, delicious gourmet desserts, scrumptious pastries, breads and breakfast treats. Serving Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and Riverside counties, Rossmoor Pastries take pride in being a part of their customer’s special event. Visit their storefront location in the lovely community of Signal Hill, to see, smell, taste and experience all of Rossmoor Pastries. They are Long Beach’s local bakery!

After printing black-only, thermal transfer labels for their products for years, Rossmoor decided to add on-demand color labels.  According to Michael Glover of Rossmoor, “we wanted to add images to our labels to improve the look of our products.  Further, we had opportunities to co-pack products for other companies.  These companies wanted their products produced with nice looking labels.”

Based on their requirements, Rossmoor Pastries contacted BCS Solutions (   BCS Solutions is a 20-year old reseller and systems integrator specializing in Wireless & Mobility Systems and, now, advanced RFID systems.  Headquartered in Garden Grove, California, BCS has sales and systems offices throughout the U.S.  The strength of BCS Solutions comes from working closely with their customers to determine their specific requirements.  Then they present the best options to deliver the optimal solution to meet their customer’s requirements.

After understanding the requirements, Fred Braun, Sales with BCS recommended the TM-C3400.  According to Fred, “I had worked with Guy on solutions for a few other companies including FX Luminaire ( knew the TM-C3400 would meet the requirements of Rossmoor.”

After speaking with Fred, I arranged to provide Rossmoor with a demo printer and training in their office.  Within a few minutes, we had Michael printing using the TM-C3400 and their label software, Labelview from Teklynx (  With Labelview, be sure to set up in the Epson driver the label format/size first; and then select this size/design in the Labelview application when designing a label.

According to Michael, “ we are now printing 4” x 2” and 4” x 3.5” die cut labels we purchase from Fred at BCS.  Based on the production schedule, we print from a few hundred to up to 5,000 labels at a time.”


“In addition, we now co-pack for a few companies like Cruz Sports Nutrition.  With our ability to produce labels using our customer’s brands, we plan to begin producing for other similar companies.  For a small baker, color labels on-demand is much better than printing black only labels or using preprinted labels”, says Michael.


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For bakeries, on-demand color labels are a great idea.  If you are a baker or if your customers are bakers, talk to them about using on-demand color labels.   It’s a “sweet and tasty” idea!

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