Color Label Solutions

Color Label Solutions

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Company = New Brands + New Labels

Ed Shuttleworth of Page Tech Systems Thousand Oaks, CA recently found a great new opportunity for his business; by meeting a new set of customer requirements for a newly merged company

As a value-added reseller of automatic identification (AIDC) solutions, Ed is well versed in barcode printers; but had never really sold color label printers.  According to Ed, “I was really unaware that on-demand color label printers were available.  I have sold and installed printers for years; but these printers primarily added black text and barcodes to either all white or preprinted labels.  But then, I had a customer that requested something different.”

Ed had as a customer, a manufacturer and packager of medical safety supplies, who wanted to begin producing color labels.  It seems this manufacturer had, in the past, applied a single color label to all their products.  After a merger, the Marketing Dept. in the new combined company wanted a completely different look for their labels.  As they produce and package hundreds of different products, they needed a system to produce the labels with the new brand as they were required and in various quantities.  The new label design is especially important for the U.S. market and will evolve into a more extensive European market.

(Check out the orange preprinted labels coming out of the Sato printer below left)

To find a solution for the requirements of his medical supplies customer, Ed contacted Mike Hoff at ScanSource to get a recommendation.  According to Ed, Mike recommended contacting the Epson specialist, Mark Bunnell at ScanSource.  The discussion with Mark led to a referral to a contact with me; and a discussion on the TM-C3400.  Based on Mark’s recommendation, Ed presented the printer and its considerable capabilities to the customer.  The TM-C3400 went over very well with the customer and he was on the way to the first order of 2 units to get the developmental process started.

After getting the printers, Ed found it difficult to find media to use with the Epson label printer.  About the same time, I contacted Ed to learn about the application at his medical supplies customer.  I wanted to provide support and make sure his customer started quickly and easily using the printer.  Based on the situation, I worked with Ed to get the correct media as well as provide training for the end customer on configuring and using the TM-C3400.

Currently, the manufacturer has one printer in production (see above) and one printer for development purposes.  However, in the near future they will begin producing additional color labels on-demand.  “We plan to have 4 to 5 of our vendors begin producing the new color labels during the packaging process at their own facilities.”  By having our vendors produce labels as required, we will strengthen our brand as well as enable the flexibility to revise the labels when necessary” according to the IT manager in the manufacturing company.

When you have customers purchasing or merging together companies, be sure to ask them about their branding strategy; and show them how on-demand color labels fit into their efforts to strengthen their new brands.

Guy Mikel

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