Color Label Solutions

Color Label Solutions

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Coming Soon To You

At the recent Epson sales meeting, I learned about 3 new developments for On-Demand Color that I wanted to share with you; early.  These developments will help you sell new solutions and improve the out-of-box experience for new users of the TM-C3400.

First for the TM-C3400, Epson demonstrated the Easy Configurator.  This wizard steps new users through the process of setting up the driver for the first time.  According to Touha Mushir, from the Epson Regional Technical Support Center (RTSC) located outside of Toronto, Ontario, “we built the TM-C3400 Easy Configurator to make it much easier and quicker to set up and configure the TM-C3400.  As the driver for the printer has many options, we decided to help new users through the process of selecting the correct settings for the labels, tags or wristbands they want to print.”  For you and your new users, I will have a version to send out shortly.  After seeing the demonstration, this new application will make my and your life much easier!

Second, Epson showed a new product currently for sale in Japan; the TM-C3400 LT.  This Label and Tag terminal combines everything you need to run a stand-alone print station, including Embedded processor, XGA touch panel, Embedded Windows 2009, Ethernet, and USB ports to enable you to connect to a variety of peripherals.  According to Neil Edmonds, Group Product Manager for Epson, “the TM-C3400 LT is available for sale currently in Japan; and we are testing/assessing the market for this product in North America currently”.  From my perspective, I see lots of potential applications for this all-in-one product:  Issuing Visitor Badges, Printing tickets (attended), Calculating prices/printing labels in delis, and many others.  But I would very much appreciate your ideas of where this product may fit.   Give me a call or add your ideas on the bottom of this blog.

Third, Epson announced plans to launch in North America the GP-C830, the new pin-fed, 8.5” wide printer.  This very durable, 4 color printer is perfect for a variety of color label applications, including GHS drum labels.  “With a tractor-feed mechanism and durable pigment inks, the GP-C830 will enable chemical manufacturers to print GHS drum labels quickly and easily; and at a price much less expensive than 4 color laser printers.  We plan to launch this new product this fall also.”  In addition to GHS labels, I see many other potential applications; especially around manufacturing plants and warehouses.

Having seen these new on-demand color label printing offerings, I can envision many new solutions for you to use and sell.  Contact me to learn more; or give me ideas of where you see fits for the new products.

Guy Mikel

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