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Color Label Solutions

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Would You Like New Business with Old Customers?

Advanced Retail Management Systems (ARMS) is the leading provider of point-of-sale and inventory control systems for small to mid-sized retailers in the United States, supporting over 1,000 customers. For 25 years, ARMS has been helping retailers run their businesses more profitably.  (

As the President of the Value Added Reseller and Integrator, Bruce Klepper, President, saw the opportunity for new business immediately with his existing customers with on-demand label and tag printing. 

According to Bruce, “the tags produced by the TM-C3400 look great!  With tags and labels like the ones produced by the TM-C3400, retailers can reduce costs, save time and improve their Marketing capability.  In addition, on-demand color label printing opens up a new on-going consumables business opportunity for our company.”

To move forward with the opportunity, ARMS took a 3 step approach to test the on-demand label solution.  First, ARMS tested the functionality of the TM-C3400.  Using a demonstration printer, a technician from ARMS learned how to operate the printer.  For ARMS to promote the TM-C3400, it was important to verify how the printer performed.

Second, ARMS wanted to see the total on-demand solution run.  At the recent Retail Pro Partner Conference, ARMS saw first hand, Retail Pro®V9 produce on-demand labels and tags.  Be sure to check out my previous post for more information on this meeting.

Third, ARMS arranged a supply and price of the media.  As the TM-C3400 requires different media than traditional thermal transfer or direct thermal printers, ARMS felt the need to confirm the available supply of media.  After a few emails with a label converter, ARMS had a supply of continuous glossy paper labels and paper tag stock.  In addition, they gained an understanding how to order die-cut labels to meet the specific requirements of retailers.  Although some may see the different media requirement as a negative, it may enable VAR’s like ARMS to sell more on-going consumables.

With the total solution confirmed, ARMS was ready to take the next important step:  promote it with their current customers and key prospects.  Using their monthly newsletter, ARMS added a segment on the TM-C3400:

According to Bruce, “the newsletter created several prospects for the TM-C3400 immediately”.  We now plan to send sample labels and tags out to the interested customers and conduct demonstrations.  We are very hopeful about the potential of on-demand label printing.”

You too can create new business with your existing customers; and maybe capture new customers at the same time by pursuing the opportunity with on-demand labeling.  Contact me to discuss how I can help with your Marketing effort.

Guy Mikel

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