Color Label Solutions

Color Label Solutions

Friday, August 19, 2011

Using Color to Improve Job Routing in Manufacturing

Perrywinkle’s Fine Jewelry ( designs and manufactures jewelry that is specifically made to fulfill the individual aspirations and criteria of each of their customers.  Each jewelry piece, handcrafted in their manufacturing facility, is a unique creation that reflects their uncompromising commitment to quality, using the finest gemstones and precious -metals.

To improve the efficiency of the manufacturing facility, Perrywinkle’s developed a job routing and tracking solution to replace their existing paper-based system.  Given the complexity of their unique, made-to-order manufacturing process, it was a constant challenge to maintain maximum visibility of each job as it passed through the various stages of production, creating numerous delays and backlogs.  For Perrywinkle’s, real time job tracking is critical as any single job may require up to 10 or more routings to multiple work stations with the possibility of up to 3 simultaneous routings for a single job at any given time.(i.e. Design-for computer-aided design, Purchasing-for purchasing of parts; and Casting-for wax models).

David Jenkins, Systems Developer, built the solution using a database and the TM-C3400 SecurColor printer.  This solution enables Perrywinkle’s to not only track jobs with up-to-date printed information, but also route jobs to multiple work stations based on color coding.  The durability and width of the paper as well as text and color output quality was a major factor in choosing this particular unit over less expensive thermal receipt/label printers.


“We are very happy with the printer and new solution.  I installed and started using the TM-C3400 printer in about 1 hour.  The EpsonNet Config Utility was especially helpful for setting up our network-based solution.  The printer now sits on the production scheduler’s desk, helping us improve our production as well as reduce our administration costs.”

For Value-Added Resellers like you, the TM-C3400 offers you a new, key component of a color-based job routing solution for made-to-order manufactures.   Talk to these type of companies to see how this solution may fit their operation.  For more information, contact me at or David Jenkins at

Guy Mikel

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