Color Label Solutions

Color Label Solutions

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Improve Picking; and Save!

Today, I spoke to a new user, Jim, of the TM-C3400 SecurColor printer, who was very satisfied with the quality of the labels printed by this device.  Jim works for an international company who provides expensive laboratory equipment to research-based companies, including on-going maintenance and parts.

After our initial discussion, I asked Jim the question, "how do you plan to use the SecurColor printer?"

According to Jim, this company sends parts out to customers to meet service technicians when they complete repairs and maintence.  If incorrect, the cost to resend the correct parts and have the service technician return costs a significant amount of money.  Plus their valuable customer may get frustrated, or even need to stop their research, which could become a very big problem for the both of them. 

Although sending out incorrect parts happens infrequently, the laboratory company decided to add images of their parts to the labels.  With images, the warehouse employee can see the correct part to pick, and not just a barcode and part number.  By printing the image on the label, they hope to reduce or eliminate the errors that may occur during the picking process.

Overall, this color, on-demand labeling solution using the TM-C3400 SecurColor printer:

*  Reduces overall costs
*  Saves time in the warehouse and at customers
*  Improves the image of the company by using higher quality, colorful labels
* Improves profitability of the business

Although potentially more expensive than a standard thermal transfer on a per-label basis, this type of solution shows the real value on-demand color labels.  Contact me to see how we can help your customers with this picking solution.

Guy Mikel

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