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Color Label Solutions

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Color, On-Demand Visitor Badges

This week, I met with the Vice President of Security for a major financial institution to discuss on-demand, color, visitor badges.  After this meeting, I decided that many of you may find our discussion of interest.

After the introductions, I asked the Vice President a basic question;

Why was this firm looking to change their existing visitor tracking solution?

The Vice President stated (I'm paraphrasing), "it had been decided to add color and to improve the look of our visitor badges".

Having just recieved a vistor badge, I could tell exactly why "management" of this firm wanted a different solution; the badges looked terrible!

First, the picture on the badge was unrecognizable.  Their "cheap" label printer produced a very bad picture quality from a non-so-high resolution camera.

Second, the black only logo on the label did not look at all like the corporate version of this important asset of the company.  It look completely washed out.

Third, and maybe most importantly, the label looked "cheap".  The one document every visitor to the company receives looked "cheap".  Does this sound like the image a highly-respected financial institution wants to project?  That's why "management" wanted a different visitor tracking solution.

By using a TM-C3400 color label printer as a part of their visitor tracking solution, this firm will be able to produce beautiful visitor badges, that include pictures and graphics such as a logo.  From my perspective, companies like this financial institution will receive the following benefits by adding color, on-demand visitor badges:

1.  High quality images in color and on demand projects a positive image of the company to visitors.
2.  Easy to use, industrial designed printer with the built in cutter makes the move to the Epson TM-C3400 positive for security personnel.
3. Labels, tags and wristbands; all can be printed using the same device.  This flexibility gives Security Operations more options from their visitor tracking application.

In addition to the benefits to your end user customers, color on-demand visitor badges provide channel partners like you some valuable benefits also:

A.  On-Going Consumables:  Once installed, the on-going and profitable consumable business can become almost an annuity for you.
B.  Solution Sale:  Not only requiring a new printer, end user customers may require new cameras and software; to total solution sale for you.
C.  Professional, Supportive Image:  Helping your customers look more professional and projecting a more positive image will reflect the same qualities back on you also.

Based on this positive call this week, I am convinced many companies in a variety of industries would like to have a more professional and easy to use visitor tracking solution using the TM-C3400 SecurColor printer.  Given this opportunity, ask your customers the following questions:

*  What do you think of your current visitor tracking solution?
*  Would you like to improve the look of your visitor badges?
*  If I could show you a way to produce more professional-looking visitor badges, would you be interested?

With these questions, you would be offering your customers a valuable new solution; and selling a profitable, new solution also. Best to you all.

Guy Mikel

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